Why are allotments so sought after?

Many town planners and building developers are finding that as a condition of them gaining planning approval they are needing to provide green spaces for future residents to enjoy. As part of this approval many are being asked to plan for garden allotments as part of the development to allow serious gardeners to plant and grow their own produce. This is especially useful for some residents who are keen gardeners but only have a small garden attached to their property or who live in a flat that does not have a garden space that they can use.

Having an allotment to use has become popular in recent times and there is usually a long waiting list if you are thinking of renting one. The rent is generally small and so the chance to grow and produce your own food cheaper than in the shops is an attractive proposition for any family.

The quality of the vegetables, salad and fruit that is grown can be superior to that bought from a supermarket as you are in control of any pesticides that are used. Many allotment holders choose to use organic means to control pests and diseases preferring this to using proprietary pesticides and chemicals.

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