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How To Decide Where To Have A Vegetable Garden

There are loads of things to consider when deciding on where your new vegetable garden should be. You need to think about water access, the soil quality in that area, sun exposure etc, whilst also considering the cost of having the garden in said area.     Make sure to keep your vegetable garden close, [Continue]

How To Design A Garden Plan

Before you start purchasing goods and planting away, you need to first plan your new garden. Draw a plan of the garden to scale. Be accurate with your measurements and work out where sun and shade appears. Gather inspiration for your new garden, and list what you want in your new design. Highlight the most [Continue]

Fabrics and Coatings for Awnings

For several decades, the choice of awning fabric was limited to cotton duck or canvas. While cotton looked and felt great, it had several performance limitations when used outdoors. Even though cotton canvas is still used by people who prefer a traditional look, most people prefer using synthetics for residential and commercial awnings. Earlier most [Continue]

Watering Your Garden Effectively

  We’re all feeling the pinch and should follow a best practice to water our gardens in the most effective way. Here’s a few tips on what we recommend for watering your garden in the best way; Houseplants Stand your houseplants on capillary matting. The matting which is felt-like, sucks water from a section of [Continue]