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Annual Plants

Annual plants, as opposed to perennial and biennial plants, have a life cycle which only lasts one year. All year, they spend their time acquiring and storing energy, and then as a last act, they flower and propagate the next generation. These plants generally have particularly beautiful flowers, and their ephemeral nature is perhaps responsible [Continue]

Perennial Plants

Perennial plants simply means a plant which has a standard life cycle exceeding two years. Understanding what plant is going to live for a long time is very important for planning what to include in your garden, as a perennial plant is likely to become a permanent fixture within your garden.     There is [Continue]

Starting Your Own Compost Pile

Having a compost pile is very important for any avid gardener, making all of your plans run more smoothly. If you are just starting out with your garden, and still don’t know what you need to do in order to get high quality compost, then what follows is a simple guide for any amateur.   [Continue]