Use those problem leaves to create your own leaf mould?

At this time of the year many people struggle to keep on top of the gardening and are dismayed to see that the lawn is covered with a layer of leaves either from a tree in their own garden or more annoyingly a tree from a neighbour’s garden. A small quantity of leaves can be put directly onto a compost heap but as leaves take about a year to break down, larger quantities should be composted separately or gathered, bagged up and taken to the tip or possibly burnt on a garden bonfire but there is a way to turn this problem to your advantage and that is to make your own leaf mould which is a valuable resource to gardeners.

The simplest method of creating leaf mould is to use a large, perforated dustbin bag. Simply collect the leaves, wet them if they are dry then tie the top of the bag. Stab the bag with a garden fork to let in a little air then leave to rot down.

Another method of dealing with fallen leaves is to make a leaf cage from wire netting. Add the leaves as you collect them, tread down, water then cover with a plastic sheet until no more leaves are to be added then remove the plastic sheet and cover with a thin layer of soil. This method does take up more room in the garden but is an efficient way to get rid of problem leaves.

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