Garden Pergola

Could a pergola add interest to your garden?

If you are trying to improve the outdoor space at a property one of the things you may consider is building a pergola in the garden. A pergola is an outdoor structure composed of four beams and can be open or closed if you want to be able to use it all year round. It can be constructed on a lawned area or on a patio depending on the size of the garden and preferences of the homeowner.

Pergolas can be made out of a variety of different materials, but are most commonly made of wood, aluminium or steel. These are usually large structures that can cover a wide space thereby defining an outdoor living area or acting as an extension of the internal living space at a property a feature that is popular with garden designers currently.

Many outdoor structures can be built to decorate and improve the home. Patios and decking are the most common improvements people make to their outdoor spaces, but pergolas can achieve a similar effect for a fraction of the cost—making it an attractive yet cost-effective option for garden redesigning. Some people look at attaching the pergola to the side of the house so that it looks like an extension of the home itself. At least one of the sides of the pergola is attached to or shares the same wall, flooring or beams as the house.

Arbours are similar structures to pergolas but are smaller and simpler in their construction and are often used to decorate or support grapevines. They sometimes have curved arches and can be freestanding or attached to gates and fences. Often arbours are used to draw the eye to different parts of the garden and encourage visitors to explore further. They work particularly well in larger gardens where the space needs to be divided up into different areas.

Outdoor structures are relatively cheap to build especially if you have the skills and tools to construct it yourself. Pergola and arbour kits can be bought that include all the relevant sections and materials and come with instructions on how to proceed.

If you are considering installing a pergola in your outdoor space it is a good way to add privacy to an overlooked garden whilst still allowing ample sunlight and breeze to come through its open sides. Once constructed it can be enhanced, to the owner’s tastes, with comfortable garden furniture, colourful planting and mood lighting to create a relaxed space to entertain guests.