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Landscaping a Steep Garden

Gardens that are set on a slope or hill can be more difficult to landscape. However, they also give you more options and challenges, which can be really rewarding for someone who likes gardening. If you want some inspiration for a sloped garden, here are our top tips:   1. Create a tiered garden. Make [Continue]

Install Double Garden Gates To Secure Garden and Property

If you are talking about a commercial garden, there is a tremendous need to have Double Garden Gates installed that complement the overall fencing solution well. Gates have always been of paramount importance where they serve in deciding the value and magnificence of your property, and in providing better security. Various Garden Gates of different style [Continue]

Two Landscaping Mistakes To Avoid This Winter

With leaves already starting to shed as cooler winds swirl around and make room for a colder season. Here are a couple of winter landscaping preparation mistakes every homeowner should avoid this season. Forgetting to water plants – Hedges, fruit trees and shrubs all need water during colder winter months. It outside has tolerable temperatures [Continue]

Hiring a gardener

If you are looking to hire a gardener, you will probably be confused as to how much you are expected to pay or want to pay and what sort of tasks they should undertake.   If you have a relatively simple garden which mainly needs regular mowing during the warmer months of the year plus [Continue]