What you Need to Know when Looking for Wood Logs for Sale 

Now that you have decided to buy wood logs in the UK, the next thing should be to determine how you will get the best ones. When you move out there or search online, you will get a lot of wood logs for sale offered by different providers. Therefore, you have a lot of work to do to determine the best providers and also getting the wood logs that will serve your purposes well. Below are some of the things you need to know when you are buying the wood logs in the UK. 

You need to buy seasoned wood logs

When you are buying the wood logs, it is important to make sure that you only go for the seasoned ones. This is because there are many logs you find out there in the market that are not seasoned. There are many that have a high level of moisture meaning that they might not serve the intended function well. Seasoning of the logs ensures that they lose the moisture content. It is advisable that you buy wood logs that have been seasoned for at least one and a half years. The moisture level should be below 20 percent. There are many log providers in the UK providing kiln dried logs that give you a guarantee that they have low moisture content.

Select hardwoods

Wood logs from hardwoods are the best. This is because those made from softwoods such as pine are cheaper and light, but they burn fast. This means that you have to use more if you are using the logs for burning purposes. Hardwoods are heavier and denser, thus offering longer burn time and offer more calorific value.

Size matters a lot

When looking for wood logs for sale, you need to note that size matters a lot. Therefore, it is important to make sure that you know the exact size of the logs that you need. With the right sized logs, it will also be easy for you to transport them to your exact location. In case you get the large ones, make sure that they are split to reduce the size and make them more portable. Small sized logs have the ability to burn more effectively, compared to larger ones.

Choose the best providers

There are several providers offering the wood logs in the UK. One thing you need to put in mind is that not all of them offer you high quality logs. Therefore, you have to make sure that you only, but from the reputable providers. The best way to know them is to seek for recommendations from those who have bought the wood logs before you. You can also check the online review customers give regarding the different providers, so that you get the one with the highest ratings and many positive reviews.


As you look for wood logs for sale, you should also consider the cost. You need to have a good budget, so that you will be able to get high quality logs. Avoid going for the cheapest options because they might be of substandard quality.

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