Help the environment and grow mushrooms

The supermarkets have an amazing choice of mushrooms on offer from the common button variety to the more exotic shitake mushroom. Some botanists believe that mushrooms are an essential part of our whole ecosystem and play a huge role in increasing the volume of water that the soil can absorb. So, as well as being delicious to eat mushrooms are vital to the survival of many creatures in the wild but how easy is it to cultivate your own?

Many species will grow in a garden on rotting wood lying around without any assistance but plugs of mushrooms can be bought and placed into drilled holes in an old log. Probably the easiest way to start to grow your own mushrooms is to get a starter kit which contains everything you need. A block of fungal mycelium is included which just needs watering. Within a few days a crop of mushrooms will grow for you to enjoy.

Mushroom foraging is a pastime for the knowledgeable forager as although there are many edible species that grow wild, there are also some that are toxic to humans with some looking very similar to edible ones. There are however experts that will guide anyone who is inexperienced but interested in this hobby.

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