Grow your own delicious salad

Spring has sprung and the salad season is upon us but how many people buy a bag of lettuce only to throw it away a few days later because it is out of date? It is so easy to grow your own delicious, peppery rocket at home that can be used not only in salads but also as a garnish or wilted in a range of dishes. It also makes a delicious peppery pesto by substituting basil for rocket in the traditional recipe.

A packet of rocket seeds can be bought cheaply from a garden centre or from some supermarkets. It is a good idea to plant the seeds in a planter, trough or window box filled with good quality soil taking care not to plant too many at one time. Spreading out the planting time will ensure a constant supply of fresh new leaves which taste wonderful. As soon as the leaves are growing well, cutting with a pair of scissors is the best way to harvest the rocket and prevents damaging the remaining plants.

If you want to have a variety of salad leaves to use, other salad seeds can be planted alongside the rocket giving you plenty of choice for your delicious spring and summer salads.

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