Boost your mood and do some gardening

The benefits to our health and wellbeing that gardening brings is indisputable and it is even thought to prolong our life by a few years so if life is getting you down why not head outside, pick up a trowel and do a spot of gardening.

When we first went into lockdown the sale of seeds and garden equipment went through the roof mainly it is thought because people were looking for something positive to do and for something to look forward to. This enjoyment of gardening has continued for some as people have realised the satisfaction that can be achieved from growing and harvesting their own produce and flowers.

Getting outside boosts our intake of vitamin D which is an essential nutrient. Even on a cloudy day some of the sun’s rays will reach us and as little as fifteen minutes outside can be beneficial.

Working out in the garden gives us some thinking and reflecting time which is something that we all need on a regular basis. It is lovely to just allow your mind to wander as you pull out a few weeds or prune back an overgrown shrub whilst listening to the bird song that we often miss out on during our busy lives.

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