Transform your garden this year

If you are fed up with your current outdoor space why not decide to transform it this year and make it a place where you can entertain friends and family and enjoy spending time out in the garden.

Deciding on the features that are important to you is the first step on the path to that ideal garden. You may decide that you want to install a pond or other water feature and if this is the case you will need to plan how you will achieve this and how you will get electrical power to the pond of water feature to power pumps and lighting.

If you want your garden to be a welcoming place for visitors then you will need to think about seating and whether this will be built into dwarf walls or whether you will buy new garden furniture for the garden. The advantage with built in seating is that it will be weather-proof and will simply need seat pads and cushions to make them comfortable.

Garden lighting is essential to create a wonderful atmosphere in any outdoor space and although solar lighting is great in the summer when there is plenty of sun to charge up the lights during the rest of the year wired in lighting is best and can be used as required.

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