Herb growing for the novice gardener

Growing your own herbs is easy to do and plants can be in grown in pots on a sunny windowsill or in planters on a patio area. They can also be planted in the garden, but some herbs can spread and take over a large area of the garden particularly mint and lemon balm so if you want to prevent this from happening keep herbs in pots or planters.

Whether to grow herbs from seed or whether to buy small herb plants is down to personal choice and the desire and time you have to cultivate your own plants. If you have the use of a greenhouse then this is an easier task. Most supermarkets sell growing herb plants which can be planted out and will continue to grow throughout the year however to get better quality herb plants it is probably wiser to buy from a garden centre.

Having fresh herbs at your fingertips to use in your own recipes is rewarding and also a lovely addition to any garden flower bed as many herbs produce delicate flowers and give off a pleasing aroma. Try to grow a range of different herbs so that you have the variety that you need.

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