Landscaping a Steep Garden

Gardens that are set on a slope or hill can be more difficult to landscape. However, they also give you more options and challenges, which can be really rewarding for someone who likes gardening. If you want some inspiration for a sloped garden, here are our top tips:


1. Create a tiered garden. Make different areas on different levels so that you have contrast and variety. This can be done using plants and flowers as well as decking, seating and BBQ areas.

2. Install steps. Your garden needs to be accessible in all areas so make sure all the different levels can be reached.

3. Play around with height. Grow tall trees and medium-height vegetation, grasses and flowers. Have some flat seating areas or a pond as well. This will give you variety and will make your garden look good when viewing it from above.

4. Put safety first. Make sure all steps and levels are even.

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