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Some Reasons to Choose an Up and Over Door

Up and over garages are those that feature an up and over garage door, that will swing open upwards and outwards, as the name suggests. In order to have an up and over garage door, all you really need is a garage – they will be compatible with most types of garage. You can find [Continue]

Choosing a Retractable Awning

Buying retractable awnings is popular at this time of year, as homeowners start to prepare for the spring and summer months. One of the most popular ways to do this is to prepare your outdoor space to get maximum use from it, and if you are amongst the homeowners doing just this, then you might [Continue]

Hiring a Landscape Gardener

A landscape gardener will have more specialist skills than your everyday gardener. They will be able to design and craft a garden that looks entirely new, ensuring that it will be designed on a different scale and will look far more impressive than it does at the moment. By this token, people tend to only [Continue]

Looking After a Chilli Plant

Chilli plants can grow well in the UK, as long as they are in a warm sunny place. This usually means growing them indoors, in a window that is south facing and gets a lot of sunlight. If provided with the right conditions, a chilli plant can grow lots of chillies for you, and grow [Continue]