Two Things to Think About When Cutting Overgrown Grass

There are many types of mowers that can be used but when you have let your grass overgrow, your standard mower may not be suitable. Now we are not saying that you need to have a range of mowers in different widths and styles as a professional gardener would! The type of mower you choose will depend on the size of your lawn, turf type and style of lawn. Which? magazine has a good guide to choosing the best lawnmower for your garden.


Too often people let the grass grow and then hack it down too low in the hope they don’t have to get the mower out again for a while!

Throughout the Spring and Autumn the grass would benefit from a weekly cut if possible and fortnightly during Summer. It is a misconception that grass does not grow through winter – it’s all dependent on the temperature and how bad the winter gets.

You should avoid cutting when the grass is frozen or boggy and saturated with rain water and obviously if it hasn’t grown then it doesn’t need a cut. It is rare that you will have to cut it in winter but if it has been a mild winter and the grass has grown, remember to mow on a high cut setting.

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