Some Reasons to Choose an Up and Over Door

Up and over garages are those that feature an up and over garage door, that will swing open upwards and outwards, as the name suggests. In order to have an up and over garage door, all you really need is a garage – they will be compatible with most types of garage. You can find up and over doors of all shapes and sizes, for all kinds of garages, in all kinds of styles. There’s really nothing about these doors not to love.

If you are in the market for a new garage door, then there are various things you will inevitably be thinking about. How much will it cost? What level of functionality will you get from the door? How are you going to get it fitted? Is it secure? If you are wondering whether an up and over door can give you everything you need, chances are, it can. These are just some of the reasons why you might want to consider an up and over garage door.

  • It will probably be similar to your current door. Unless you have a more advanced type of door already, such as a roller shutter or a sectional door, then chances are you already have an up and over door. They are the most popular type of garage door in the UK and if you have a new build home, it will almost definitely have been fitted with an up and over door before you moved in. This means your new door will be similar to your old one and won’t really take any adjusting.
  • It’s timeless and classic. These types of doors will always look good and will never go out of fashion. You will find that you can get many years out of an up and over door, and it won’t age your home. This means that up and over styles offer you excellent value for money, lasting you for many years.
  • They are made of robust materials. Modern garage doors are made of materials like timber, fibreglass and steel. If you have a high quality type of door, then you can benefit from it for many years to come. It won’t rust, and it won’t get damaged in the British weather, no matter how harsh. All you will need to do is carry out some basic maintenance, and an up and over door can last you for a long time.
  • They can be fitted with an electric opener if required. If you want to upgrade your door in the future and you don’t want to get a new door entirely, you can choose to fit an electric door opener to your up and over garage door. This will open the door electrically, so you can open the door without even having to be near it. It’s the perfect option if you store your care in the garage and want to be able to drive in without having to get out of your vehicle and manually open the door first.

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