Perfect your watering skills to prolong garden blooms

During the summer months it is important to regularly water outdoor plants especially if they are in containers. Even if there has been rain the plants often still need to be watered as the rain in summer rarely penetrates the soil quickly enough before it evaporates. Watering in the early morning and evening also minimises moisture loss due to evaporation. Annuals will need frequent watering as they are shallow rooted and quickly dry out in warm weather and when it is windy too.

Plants that are planted in compost need to be watered before the soil becomes bone dry and shrinks from the edge of the container otherwise the compost does not absorb the water quickly enough and the water runs away. If the soil is too dry water a little every hour until the compost is moist again.

Automatic watering systems can be used if you are away on holiday, but many people ask a neighbour to water plants if they are away from home longer than a couple of days in the summer.

If you are growing fruit and vegetables it is essential that they are kept well-watered as if left to dry out the quality and quantity of the produce will suffer. Always water at root level so that the plant gets the moisture it needs to thrive.

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