Make your garden a bee and butterfly paradise

Many experts say that bee and butterfly numbers have been falling over recent years and so many gardeners are trying to encourage e them to thrive by filling their gardens with plants and flowers that attract these insects. So, what should the eco conscious gardener be planting to turn their garden into a paradise for wildlife?

One of the easiest things to do is to leave a small part of the garden to grow wild as wildflowers and plants provide insects with the habitat and food that they need to survive. Planting wildflower seeds in the area will help to boost the selection of flowers that grow.

It is thought that mauve and purple flowers are most attractive to bees and butterflies so planting flowers of this colour will help to encourage the insects to visit the garden. Buddleia or more commonly the butterfly bush will be covered with butterflies in no time when it is in bloom and lavender bushes are a magnet for bumble bees.

Butterflies need a place to lay their eggs in the summer months and so even though they are a nightmare in the garden leaving a small patch of nettles will provide a place for the butterflies to lay.

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