How to make your garden look attractive all year round

Often during the spring and summer months you may find it easier to make your garden look attractive. You can often pick up brightly coloured plants for as little as a pound at your local supermarket. Having hanging baskets, pots or plants or simply adding some to a rockery or border really can transform a garden, but what about during the winter months?

Although the plants you bought in the summer are unlikely to last through the year, there are a number of different types of plants you can buy that will last all season. Often these are not as brightly coloured but can look stunning in a garden. Heathers tend to look pretty all year round and they can quickly spread to cover a larger area. You can get a number of different coloured heathers so you don’t have to stick to just one.

Try and cut back anything that has died off over autumn so that the garden looks neat and tidy. This alone can make a huge difference. You may even want to pay a garden to come just before winter sets in and give the garden a once over as it will probably last through till the following spring.

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