How to Grow and Care for Hyacinths

Hyacinths need to be planted in autumn, ready to bloom in the spring months. There are various types of hyacinth, including grape hyacinths, which are also known as a muscari, so make sure you follow planting instructions for the particular type of bulb that you have. You should also choose the colour you want, as they can vary from rich pinks to pastel shades of blue.

When you’re planting hyacinths to grow from bulb, they should be at least three inches deep in the soil, preferably four. Plant them in a place where they’ll get enough sun, though they’ll also do well in partial shade. When they die off, you can cut back the flowers, but should leave the foliage there. It’s also popular to grow hyacinths indoors in pots during the winter, where they can be forced to flower at different times. Make sure they are warm enough if you’re growing them this way.

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