Gardens are not just for the summer

For many people, the end of summer signifies the end of sitting outside enjoying the garden, but it does not have to be so as autumn often sees some warm days which can still be pleasant. Are there ways in which we can enjoy our outdoor space throughout the year? The answer to this question is a resounding yes.

The patio area can still look amazing with pots planted with flowers that bloom throughout the autumn and winter such as pansies and violas. These can brighten up the outside area and evergreen bushes provide greenery throughout the year. Strategically placed solar lights around the garden may continue to work throughout the winter and can be hung on trees and fences to illuminate different areas.

Most types of garden furniture are weatherproof to a certain extent and so can be used throughout the year. A fire pit or outdoor patio heater can provide warmth on chilly evenings as can a cosy blanket. There is nothing quite like being outside on a clear night looking up at the stars.

If your garden suffers from poor drainage in the winter it may be worth considering artificial grass as an alternative to turf to prevent the lawn becoming muddy especially if you have children playing outside.

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