Enhance your garden with beautiful decking

Decking provides homeowners with a natural space for entertainment and relaxation. It has steadily grown in popularity since the early 1990s, when it was first introduced into the U.K. As people increasingly look for outdoor places to relax and unwind, decks are becoming a more popular site. Well-designed decks usually add to the value and lifestyle appeal of any property. Unlike other construction projects, house decks give instant gratification because they can be completed in just a few days. They can either be built by D.I.Y enthusiasts or trained professionals. If you decide to build your own deck, it can be a very rewarding experience.

Why do you need a deck? Consider adding a deck to your home for the following reasons;

  • Aesthetic beauty- By including a deck in your home, you will be increasing its resale value. It could become the focal point of your property thus attracting prospective buyers. If you are not selling your home, a deck is still a great amenity to add to it.
  • Entertainment – Do you need a calm place to unwind every once in a while? If so, a deck would be an ideal addition to your home. Not only will it enable you to spend your downtime observing nature and looking at the stars, but you can also use it for entertainment purposes. It can be turned into a seating area whenever you host a party.

Decking materials

The material used is generally priced per metre and supplied by the board. Composite decking is available in set lengths as opposed to the hardwood and softwood alternatives. Softwood material comes in a variety of forms. The most inexpensive and readily accessible ones being pre-treated varieties. If you choose this material, you should make sure that it is treated well enough to withstand harsh weather conditions. Hardwood materials are more durable. Recognised species of hardwoods used in building decks include oak and larch. Composite materials are a combination of plastic and wood. This material is becoming more and more popular because it is easy to maintain.

How to build a deck

Building a deck involves a lot of hard work. If you choose to build your own deck, you should check whether local building control requires you to have permission. If a permit is required, you need to get it before you start the process of building. There are mainly 2 types of decks, elevated and ground level decks. If the deck is being attached to an existing property, a lot of digging may be necessary to get to the correct level. Clear any brush and trees in the surrounding area and make sure that the ground is levelled.
Lay some landscaping fabric on the ground to keep weeds from growing. To ensure that the fabric stays in place, you should pour gravel on it. There is a wide variety of deck patterns to choose from. Choose a pattern that suits your style and goes hand in hand with your home’s design. This way, the deck will not look out of place.

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