Easy to grow border plants: Penstemons

Penstemons make a wonderful addition to any border in the garden and look most attractive with their long stems, full of clusters of quite large bell-shaped flowers. They come in a range of colours from pinks and reds to blues and purples and white. Some varieties may grow up to a metre tall and they are prone to spreading so do make sure you give them space in your garden.


Allow penstemons access to full sunshine and you will find them easy to grow. They can be planted out anytime from Spring to Autumn and will flower profusely over the whole Summer until the end of September. Deadheading old flower spikes will encourage more flowers to bloom. Make sure you prune every year and you will find that your plants will last and look good in your garden for at least 4 or 5 years. For those who like to encourage wildlife into the garden, you will find that penstemons are especially attractive to bees.

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